‘s-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands), 11 June 2021 –

Highlights strategy update 2021 – 2025
With a refocused and more agile organization in place, Ctac is now ready to enter a new phase with a stronger emphasis on growth in the Benelux IT services and solutions market. The company is well-positioned to take advantage of post-Covid market momentum and the subsequent acceleration of the digital transition in its target markets, which is expected to lead to increased demand for IT specialists and sector-specific IT solutions in the years to come.

The strategy update presented today is built upon the following growth and value drivers: (1) Integration; (2) Connectivity (3) Diversification and (4) Innovation. The strategy will be further enforced by continued investments in Ctac’s positioning as an employer of choice with a well-balanced, engaged and talented workforce that continues to deliver seamless added value IT services and composed solutions to our clients.

Medium term objectives
The medium term objectives have been refined to better underline Ctac’s strategic ambition.

Financial objectives

  • Revenue: high single-digit organic year-on-year growth (as of 2021) with net growth of average number of FTE’s with 10%
  • Gross margin: year-on-year increase in each business line
  • Revenue per FTE: year-on-year increase of revenue per FTE and productivity per direct employee
    EBIT margin: exceeding 8% as of 2023

Non-financial objectives

  • Employee engagement: A Net Promotor Score (NPS) of > 10
  • Talent retention: A year-on-year average retention rate above 85% of our pool of specialists
  • Sustainability: Continued involvement with local communities we work in, actively supporting local social initiatives; committed to deliver emission reductions in line with EU Green Deal target for 2030

The outlook for full year 2021 remains unchanged. Year-on-year, revenue is expected to increase at comparable gross margins (as % of revenue) and lower cost, resulting in an improved EBIT compared to full year 2020.

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